Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek Prom?

OK, this post is not really about durable advertising but I had to share this, and it does teach us a lesson about change. Last week we took an order for a couple dozen hooded sweatshirts for a group of kids going to their high school prom together. That's not unusual. We do jobs like that every prom and graduation season. What floored me was the artwork - A Star Trek theme! Star Trek fonts and a Vulcan hand salute. Here is the real kicker... It was a girl who ordered these! Yes, geeks of the world unite. Come up out of your basements. Put your 12 sided dice away and get a date for prom. Star Trek is actually COOL now. I guess if you are looking for a business lesson in this it's that times change. What worked 5 years ago may not be working today. Mass media and print advertising that brought you customers three years ago is not giving you the ROI today. It's time to put durable advertising products to work for you. And although I never thought I would hear the words Star Trek and Prom in the same sentence the world is changing.

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