Wednesday, February 11, 2009

12 Reasons Logoed Caps Make Great Gifts

I was sending out a newsletter last week and one of the topics was how to use inexpensive gifts as thanks yous or incentives to buy. One of the items we focused on was embroidered caps. They
make great inexpensive gifts. Here's why:

12 Reasons Logoed Caps Make Great Gifts

1. They're inexpensive. In a very small quantity you can get a nice embroidered
cap for only about $10-12. In quantities of just a few hundred pieces you can
get them for just 4 to 5 dollars.

2. They're unisex

3. They have adjustable sizing so you never have to worry about what size to

4. You can mail a low profile cap for as low as 1.85 with a thank you note or a
sales letters. Lumpy mail always gets great results.

5. Caps get worn for years, sometimes everyday.

6. Logos on caps get thousands of advertising impressions.

7. There's always room in a shipment to add a cap.

8. It's easy to keep a supply of caps in your office or company vehicles.

9. Caps have a perceived value much higher than their cost. The same cap you
purchase for $5 will sell in a gift store or pro-shop for $15-20

10. Caps come in huge selection of styles we can always find you a style that
matches your image.

11. People don't throw out caps. If for some reason someone who really doesn't
want a cap gets your cap they'll give it to someone who wants it, not trash it.

12. Caps are inexpensive enough that you can reward lots of people with them.
You can be generous and look good.

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