Thursday, January 31, 2008

What is "Durable Advertising"

Advertising is the non-personal way in which you promote your products, services and ideas. When you can't send someone personally to "sell" the idea (Salesmanship) you use advertising. In it's more common forms advertising comes via television, print media, radio, the internet, and direct mail. Durabable advertising is the use of imprinted products, logoed & printed apparel, and branded gifts to promote your message. What makes a printed t-shirt, refrigerator magnet, or engraved pen durable advertising is that it presents your brand and conveys your message long after it is paid for.

A 60 second television or radio ad is gone in ... well 60 seconds. Through repeated ($$$) airings you can hope to have that message embed in the minds of your audience. Studies vary in their assesments of just how many times you have to hear/see those ads before they stick, but they all agree that in today's increasingly busy and media filled world broadcast media is becoming less and less effective. We are increasingly tuning out the advertising in these media. With lower response to broadcast media it is all the more painful to know that when our 60 seconds ends our money is gone and so too is our message.

Durable advertising products offer you anotehr medium that is more permanent and lasting. Next week we'll all watch Super Bowl ads that will get lots of buzz. In 6 months we might even rembember one or two of them. Unfortunately for the companies that are paying $2.7 million for a 30 second spot surveys have shown that many can't remember what company aired the ad they liked so much. On the other hand your client will have no doubt recalling that it was Continental Window Cleaning that gave them the ruler they have on their desk. In fact, even though it was three years ago they still know Continentals phone # and website (because it's printed on the ruler!) So when the windows need cleaned who do you think will get the call?